Low Level Laser Light Therapy NJ

“We believe strongly that great results for hair transplantation can occur with minimal downtime. To this end, we offer complimentary low level laser light therapy for each and every one of our patients to speed up recovery and to optimize graft ‘take’.” – Dr. Wise

Method Name: Laser Light Therapy

The Wise Institute Way:

Low-level Laser Light Therapy, or LLLT  uses red, blue and near infrared wavelengths to facilitate hair growth for individuals who have recently noticed the first signs of hair loss or have undergone any hair restoration procedure or Hair Transplant Treatment. The Low Level Light is absorbed by the hair follicle and stimulates blood flow and oxygen to the target area (in this case, the scalp) resulting in a healthier scalp with the potential to not only stop further hair loss but even thicken the existing hair. LLLT is ideal for men and women with all skin and hair types as its process is non-irritating, painless, and can enhance hair to appear full and radiant with zero downtime.

Dr. Wise offers this state-of-the-art technology in his office near Somerset County and Passaic County to stabilize continued hair loss, as well as stimulate hair re-growth in those suffering from hair loss.

Core Benefits of Low Level Laser Light Therapy:

  • Ideal for men and women
  • Improves overall hair health
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Approved by the FDA an as effective form of treatment
  • Impedes the progression of hair loss

The Wise Institute includes 4 complimentary Low Level Laser Light Therapy treatments with every hair restoration procedure in their office. Dr. Wise finds that these treatments accelerate the healing process, as well as the growth of newly transplanted hair. This advanced hair loss treatment takes less than 30 minutes during which patients feel no discomfort and patients are able to resume their normal routine and activities immediately.

For all treatments of non-surgical hair restoration, contact the offices of Dr. Wise today. He’ll make sure you receive the treatments you require to deliver fantastic results.

From low-level laser therapy to an Eyebrow Transplant, schedule a consultation or appointment at our state-of-the-art, Joint Commission Accredited facility.

Meet Dr. Wise

hair loss cure bergen county nj

  • Double Board Certified
  • Triple Ivy League trained
  • NYU School of Medicine Clinical Professor of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Over 5,000 procedures performed
  • Focuses exclusively on plastic surgery of the face, head and neck and specializes in male and female hair loss
  • Enjoys a worldwide reputation, treating patients from Europe, Asia, South America, and the African Nations
  • Operates out of his Joint Commission Accredited, State-of-the-Art facility

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