Hair Loss Solutions

Dr. Wise is vastly experienced and has become a trusted leading hair restoration surgeon in Morris County, Passaic County, and Bergen County, NJ. If you have lost some or all of your hair, we understand the difficulties and inconvenience this can cause in everyday life. Dr. Wise provides expert evaluation of the follicles and provides natural hair transplant treatments that allow you to regain your youthful appearance with minimal downtime. Dr. Wise uses advanced procedures to restore hair and prevent future hair loss, including NeoGraft, FUE, FUT, Light Therapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

You Are Not Alone

Dr. Wise will confidentially consult with you to determine the best hair restoration solutions and procedures for your situation. Because all of our patients experience different levels of hair loss, we work with you to create an outcome specific to your situation and your expectations. Using state-of-the-art techniques, our range of solutions includes complimentary low level light therapy to facilitate the revival of hair growth after your hair restoration procedure with Dr. Wise.

Using donor hair, the NeoGraft FUE procedure from Dr. Wise allows you to keep the hair extremely short without any scarring. Ultimately, the hair restoration procedure you choose with Dr. Wise will depend on your age, gender, and your expectations.

Body Hair Follicular Unit Extraction (BHFUE)

FUE procedures are typically performed using hair from a donor area on the back of the scalp, however, one of the limiting factors in achieving a successful outcome is limited donor hair on the back of the scalp. Body hair is an alternative source of hair in such cases. The Wise Institute has seen much success in using Body Hair Follicular Unit Extraction (BHFUE) method and Dr. Wise is a leading surgeon in this specialty procedure.

Additional Natural Hair Restoration Services

If thinning eyebrows are an aesthetic issue for you, an eyebrow transplant is an effective option that will improve your appearance. Since eyebrows are a key landmark on the face, natural, thicker-looking eyebrows promote a softer, more elegant appearance and enhance the face.

The path to restoring your hair and preventing future hair loss begins with Dr. Wise. Contact our offices today for a confidential and personal consultation so we can understand your expectations and establish a hair restoration solution that is right for you. Change your life today and contact the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration.