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3 Great Hair Restoration Options

Losing your hair is never a welcome experience. Your once full head of hair is now more like a half head of hair. Not only are you aesthetically displeased, but you are also less confident than you once were. Social anxiety, depression, embarrassment and other emotional issues may develop when you lose your hair. Thankfully, […] Read More

10 Surprising Facts about Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss 1. Heredity is the most common cause of hair loss. It is known medically as “androgenetic alopecia.” 2. Hereditary baldness is not caused by the hair falling out, but rather by normal hair gradually being replaced by finer, thinner hairs. 3. You must lose over 50 percent of your scalp hairs […] Read More

Neograft® Technology: Revolutionizing Hair Restoration

How to Deal with Hair Loss While hair loss is not a physically harmful condition, the damage it can do to an individual’s self-esteem often drives its victims to seek any means possible by which to restore their former appearance. After vitamins, light treatments and other ineffective solutions fail to resolve the issue, patients turn […] Read More

Patients Pleased with Great Results

Are you searching for a hair loss cure in the Bergen County, NJ region? Look no further. The Wise Institute for Hair Restoration has been providing men and women with hair restoration and hair loss prevention solutions for years. With over 4,000 procedures performed, Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise has helped his patients regain their confidence […] Read More

Fighting the Hair Loss Battle

It looks like you are losing the hair loss war. Much to your dismay, you stare into the mirror and realize your hairline continues to recede and your once flowing hair is growing thinner by the week. Anxiety sets in, leaving you searching for a way to reverse your fate. Hair loss is unfortunately very […] Read More

What to Expect When You Go In For Hair Loss Treatment

As medical technology continues to advance, men and women are turning to science in the face of medical and aesthetic issues that were incurable decades ago. Recent scientific breakthroughs include real and effective means of reversing hair loss. People across the world are realizing that thinning hair is no longer a sentence to a lifetime […] Read More

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