Neograft® Technology: Revolutionizing Hair Restoration

How to Deal with Hair Loss

While hair loss is not a physically harmful condition, the damage it can do to an individual’s self-esteem often drives its victims to seek any means possible by which to restore their former appearance. After vitamins, light treatments and other ineffective solutions fail to resolve the issue, patients turn to the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration for help finding a minimally-invasive, lasting treatment. The answer? Neograft® Automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant System. When combined with other cutting-edge procedures in a plan specially designed by the Wise Institute, patients dramatically improve their chances of achieving their cosmetic goals.

What is the Neograft® System?
Leading plastic surgeons specializing in hair replacement use this new, automated hair transplant system to help harvest follicles for an FUE hair transplant. During a harvest, outdated methods may pull, twist or wrench a follicle from its location, increasing the risk that the graft will be damaged and not take when implanted. Neograft® uses pneumatic pressure that gently slides a graft from its location, allowing for faster re-implanting and a higher graft success rate. With Neograft®, no scalpel incision, stitches or resultant scar will mar the scalp or lengthen the healing process.

Who can benefit from NeoGraft® Technology?

In general, the best candidates for NeoGraft® procedures are individuals in good health with sufficient donor hair from which to harvest for transplant into thinning or balding areas of the head. Both men and women are eligible for the procedure.

Unlike other types of hair restoration procedures, NeoGraft® allows for very short haircuts on the backs or sides of the heads, and can also be used to camouflage scars from previous follicle harvests. The procedure also allows little downtime after the procedure, making it an excellent option for athletes and patients with active lifestyles.

What other innovative technology is used by the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration?
While performing the NeoGraft® procedure, Dr. Wise also incorporates a variety of other advanced tools to help ensure the success of follicular grafts. Along with applied liposomal adenosine triphosphate (ATPv) solution, which provides a “boost” of cell energy to help grafts survive and thrive, Dr. Wise also stores follicle transplants in Hypothermosol storage solution, originally known for its use in preserving organs for transplants but repurposed to maintain follicle tissue.

Every hair restoration procedure also comes with a complementary Laser Light Therapy session to help facilitate hair growth.

If you or a loved one are interested in hair restoration surgery using the NeoGraft® procedure, along with the other advanced methods employed by Dr. Wise, contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.

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