What to Expect When You Go In For Hair Loss Treatment

As medical technology continues to advance, men and women are turning to science in the face of medical and aesthetic issues that were incurable decades ago. Recent scientific breakthroughs include real and effective means of reversing hair loss. People across the world are realizing that thinning hair is no longer a sentence to a lifetime of baldness. As both men and women look to gain thicker hair, the procedures and medical professionals at the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration are well equipped to treat patients with hair related concerns.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration for hair loss treatment solutions in Bergen County, NJ.

● A Consultation- Dr. Wise and his Patient Care Coordinator will meet with you during an in-person consultation and be courteous and understanding of your individual needs. They’ll be receptive to your concerns and answer any questions about the procedures and treatments they offer. They’ll clearly explain the options and steps to each of their restorative and preventative options that you are interested in. Most importantly, they’ll help you to feel comfortable and informed about the procedure you choose.
● A Plan- Dr. Wise and his staff will work with you to determine a plan. They will define the expectations for a timeline, length of procedure and recovery time. You decide when you’d like to return for the procedure, follow-up and any other visits you’d like to make.
● The Procedure- You’ll arrive at the Wise Institute’s Joint Commission Accredited Facility in Wayne, NJ and be greeted by the staff. “Before” photos will be taken to track your progress, and then you will be positioned comfortably for the procedure. With the light sedation methods provided, the procedure will be painless and should take a few hours. It will be a simple process, and you’ll leave the very same day you arrive.
● Recovery- For most hair restoration procedures, the immediate recovery time should only last a week, but is dependent on whether you choose Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT/Strip Method) for your procedure. The effects of the procedure may, or may not be, immediately noticeable, but will look even better in the coming months. In that time, your new look will continue to improve and become more noticeable.

Hair transplant treatment in Bergen County, NJ is a simple and easy process and it garners life changing results. The most difficult step is taking the first one– picking up the phone or visiting us online at http://drwisehair.com/.

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